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Sometimes Gallery is a space for thought-provoking digital art. We also feature papers, interviews, or any content related to digital culture.


The gallery is curated by Justice Thélot.


Explain the internet

To a kid

They say he — 

That night

Patch 1.7.0

20 players ventured

In unseen dungeons

Lured by the ancient

Blood God

The Soulflayer



Then one was touched


Corrupted Blood


It had long devastated

The cities

From Ironforge to


Warriors stricken with instant death

Blood was its Avatar

And its seal

The redness

The horror of blood

Evaporating out of 

Helpless bodies

Scarlet stains

A visible death


I think I can assure you

That what they say is true

Though I wasn’t there that night

Because it all happened right —


Carpets of skeletons


By the persistence of pestilence

Carried by hunter pets

And NPCs


I remember the day

Darkness and Decay

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